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Service empowers people with a sense of purpose, has health benefits, and strengthens community.  The fulfilling feeling of contributing to society and seeing the fruits of ones labor is unparalleled.  We at AWA are committed and actively doing everything we can to impact Los Angeles and the world at large.

No Res Gourmet 501c3

No Res Gourmet is a non-profit that aims to alleviate the struggles of living on the street by providing healthy, gourmet meals to the homeless in our community.  Since joining the AWA Family, we have served over 100K meals.

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CURRENT - The Energy of Now

We are co-producing a month long art exhibition focused on utilizing art, experience and education for impact!  Our focus will be on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, featuring some of the greatest companies and 501c3s with solutions for humanity.

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play collaborative arts 501c3

play collaborative arts fosters community in the performing and healing arts for education, public benefit and self-development. We create highly energized, experience-based work; our immersive and interactive programming encourages participants to connect with and contribute to the collective energy of our surroundings.

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Ocean Impact Initiatives

We are co-creating ocean impact NFT fundraisers with our partners

Oceanus Blue & NFT Blue.

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UM S​Ó - Water Initiatives

Um Só (Only One) is an initiative with the principles of integrity, harmony, and community at our core. We create opportunities to fund healing of our Mother Earth out of the element from which they’re caused. Manifesting solutions from each source. We are a human hive of healers, artists, creators and thinkers. 

Together We are infinite. 

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