An academic conference, interactive festival, and healing fair based in LA.


March 4th, 2020, Los Angeles - The inaugural THRIVE360 wellness summit, in late February at AWA OASIA, was a groundbreaking success. The DTLA eco-luxury space presented beautifully, and guests were glowing with excitement while 18 speakers, three panels, and over 30 conscious companies, healers, advanced technologies, and holistic activations presented an experiential holistic experience.​


Food as Medicine, Mental Health & Success Mindset, Medicine vs. Drugs, Sustainability,

Activism & Voting with the $ Modern Medical Science & Ancient Healing

Max Lugavere, Dr. Val Kanter, Sky Kubby, Sharyn Wynters, David Sandoval, Sarah Larsen MD, Bryant Wood & Dashama Konah Gordon, Dream Rockwell, Brandi Veil, Elon Vong, Ben Decker, Maria Teresa Chavez, Scott Veinberg, Damiana, Cole Rosner, Anna Bliss, Nadine Casanova & Nikki Soohoo.


Sound Healing, Yoga, Connection/Healthy Relations, Breathwork,

Mindfulness Meditation for Productivity, Technology Awareness & Balance



Art, Jewelry, Live Painting, Medicinal Foods, Elemental Apothecary, 3 Day So Easy Cleanse,

Toothpaste by Dr. Val, Stellar Crystals, DoTerra Essential Oils, Jenny Bee - Reiki, Purium Booth, Moringa Light Energy, Nomad Apothecary, IMMORDL, Lifespring Water, Bone by Dawn, X39 Life Wave, Bioharmonic Technologies, CBD & Mor, Majeyec - Wearable

Thrive360 will continue as a series at AWA OASIA.

This innovative experience is open to collaborate with mobile interactive pop-ups, festivals, community events, corporate activations, bringing consciousness & holistic solutions to all.

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