Awa is a holistic cultural community center focused on elevating consciousness through art, education, wellness, media and transformational experiences.
Safe sanctuary space and transformational experiences, change lives. As people shift, humanity uplifts. We are evolving a replicable blueprint for turnkey community solutions addressing the wellbeing of people and planet. Every community should have a heartbeat.
We are a new earth alliance of people, projects and organizations committed to
accelerating local and global solutions. Our strength is our vast network of mission driven entrepreneurs,healers, artists, biohackers, experience designers and new earth builders.
Expanding beyond our urban oasis, the AWA “heartbeat of community” will plug into existing community spaces that are either distressed or seeking to grow beyond their current capability.  Our goal is to accelerate their efforts by creating an easily accessible infrastructure of best practices for operating a successful model that can meaningfully address the specific needs of their community.


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We are in the process of fundraising and solidifying our partnership agreements,

please reach out if you are interested in joining our family!

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Global Mission

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We are a growing community and network of entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders, healers, artists, influencers and innovators. Reach out to learn more about how you can join our family.